Mini Go! Towels

Attention all washcloth enthusiasts...Introducing the new Mini GT. Coin sized that opens to a convenient washcloth size with just a capful of water. Like its larger counterpart it is made from the same OEKO-Tex certified organically grown and toxic free processed bamboo fiber.

This is probably the MOST popular sized compressed towel on the market today but the Mini GT is superior in quality to many that are out there. This towel is NOT suitable for children as it can present a choking hazard as stated on its label.

Yes, it is cute as all get out but don't let its looks fool you, this cutie can really do the job. Easy to carry and also perfect for cleaning up in the heat and humidity, those accidental spills and ideal for traveling especially when staying in hotels that do not provide a washcloth.  It makes for a wonderful skincare product for estheticians and make-up artists.

The Mini is sold in bags of 100 pieces for $40.00 and shipped by Priority Mail.