Using the GO! TOWEL

The Go! Towel is perfect for lots of people and things...from luxury hotels to housewares in hardware and everywhere in between, the Go! Towel goes wherever you go.

  • In heat and humidity - A cooling neckerchief or tie it around your head like a bandana.  The Go! Towel traps the air and cools it down. Tip: Dunk the Go! Towel in a cooler/bucket of cold water and Voila! "Instant Air Conditioning."

  • Travelers, Backpackers, Hikers, Cyclists (The Go! Towel weighs a 1/3 of a gram!) 

  • Kick the paper towel habit! The Go! Towel is great in the kitchen

  • Disaster Relief and Emergency Kits

  • Military, Fire and Rescue Workers

  • Parents, Kids and Babies - They're practical, fun and soft 

  • Working out, especially outside (never worry about having a towel again)

  • Yoga, Spinning Studios and Gym/Health Clubs

  • Golfers – A cooling neckerchief, for wiping down clubs and spikes or for those tears

  • Eco Weddings - A fun wedding favor for guests

  • Gardeners 

  • Bands and Musicians on Tour - Perfect for bathing on the bus and for sweaty roadies!

  • Construction Workers 

  • Fishing and Gaming

  • Hotels and Spas - New York Times June 26, 2007

  • Estheticians and Make-up Artists 

  • Airlines and Private Jets 

  • Businesses/Organizations/Teams wanting to promote with a great, fun personalized “green” product 

  • Outdoor Concerts and Festivals 

  • Doctor's Offices and Health Care Practitioners 

  • Schools - Makes for a great fundraiser (call for pricing)

  • New and used Go! Towels are ideal cloths as "Swiffer" replacements, for polishing, cleaning homes and cars, etc. They're soft, strong, absorbent and won't scratch surfaces.

  • Go! Towels can be used in a pinch as a coffee filter


                              The Go! Towel can be composted