What is the GO! Towel? 

An amazing poker-chip sized, eco-friendly 100% pure bamboo fiber "pop-up" towel. Weighing 2 grams and using less than 3 tablespoons of water, it unfolds to 12 x 20 inches, as if by magic.

OEKO-TEX® Certified, it is organically grown, unbleached, undyed, unscented and naturally anti-bacterial, it is strong and super absorbent but luxuriously soft and gentle on your skin.

IDEAL for travel, sports, bathing and skin cleansing, housecleaning, cooling off for you or your pets - you name it.  This multi-purpose little towel is a dynamo with unlimited applications. 

Try it around your neck and it’ll cool you down on the hottest days. Clean up, cool down!  Its small size means it can GO everywhere with you in a pocket, backpack, handbag, lunchbox, etc.

When dry, the GO Towel is super soft not stiff and crunchy. Use it over and over again. Go! Towels are machine washable if put in
a mesh/fine washable bag on a gentle setting. Hand rinsing in hot water and air drying is best.

 It is super biodegradable and can be composted.

                       Be Cool. Be Green. Try Me!


LUXE BAMBOO is a woman owned business. Both Go! Towel and Luxe Bamboo are federally registered trademarks.